Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Revised 2008 Display Mock-up

So, I forgot a few things on my last mock-up for the 2008 Christmas display. I forgot the 16 roof stripes and the manger...oops.
Now that roof stripes (which hopefully mimic piano keys) and manger have been added, I decided to play with a couple variations on other elements. the photo below is I think what represents the best alternative. Things I played around with include the palm tree bands, the color of the two clusters of small palm trees, and lighting around the front door entry-way.
Last year, the front door entry-way was pretty dark. To be overly looked like a black hole in the middle of an explosion of lights (!). so, this year, I'd like to somehow light the doorway while NOT inhibiting guests who tour the inside of the house. I might have to outline only three sides of the door...and not do the bottom because I'm fearful people will step on the bulbs all season long. Also, to do the small moon-shaped window at the top of the door, I guess I'll use black electrical tape to cover a few of the bulbs that lead down to the window. It shouldn't be that noticeable. I'm going to try to find blue lights with white wire (because the door is painted white). Walmart sells out of the white wire strands quickly, but I have extras from last year.
I still don't know how to wrap lights around the new shutters. I REALLY don't want to put nails in them, but I don't know any other way. Everything else I can think of will hurt the shutters. Last year, we had different shutters, but here's what we did.Posted by Picasa

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