Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Wizard of Oz Themed Tree

I put up a half-finished a Wizard of Oz themed Tree yesterday. John surprised me with some of the Oz Collection last month. It's my favorite movie. He said the rest of the collection is on back order and will arrive in November.

A friend suggested to use raffia for the bow at the top because it is made of the same stuff as the scarecrow. She also suggested I get blue/white gingham for bows and a tree skirt. It looks adorable!

I think I have emerald green mirrored ball ornaments and heart ornaments. I'll skip the brain (if I only had a...) ornament because that's a bit wierd.

John said I should have used a yellow or green tree (yellow brick road or emerald city). I thought the red tree for red ruby slippers is cute. Plus, I didn't have an extra green or yelow tree, but I did have an extra red one.
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