Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I learned at the Mini

Yesterday, I went to the Christmas decorators workshop called Florida Mini. So, before I forget, I want to document a few ideas, tips, and tricks that I picked up at the workshop.

  • Village: A village mountain ca be constructed from spray painted aluminum foil.
  • LOR software tip: in Edit -> Preferences, I can delete that annoying yellow pop up.
  • LOR software tip: I can select a portion of a song by highlighting a portion of the yellow timescale.
  • Show Idea: I can have one of the voiceovers tell guests that an "all on" photo oppty is forthcoming.
  • LOR software tip: I should consider putting the north poles and roof stripes in separate tracks so the channels are more manageable to navigate.
  • LOR software tip: use spacebar to stop the song from playing
  • Visitors: Still don't have a great method for accirately capturing the number of visitors.
  • Villages: Some people prefer the Foam Factory hot knife to the little red one I have.
  • LED Lights: almost all LED lights are half wave which always have a flicker.
  • LED Lights: when a half strand goes out, cut it in the middle (where there's only 1 wires) and connect it to another half strand. Remember to have a rectifier on both half strands.
  • LED Lights: Some people dip the entire strand of lights into Corrosion X overnight in a 5 gallon bucket. They take the strand out, let the extra drain back into the bucket, and let them dry. This is supposed to increase the number of usable years substantially.
Questions I still have:
Why are LEd strands commonly 60 count?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Copeland Christmas Gets [bad] Press

Perhaps it's good press because there's no such thing as bad press. Some blogger with a blog called It Sucks to Be You found out about our Christmas display and decided it would suck to live next us. During his 5 minute rant, he got most of his facts wrong. Here's the article...

SUCKS TO BE living next to Danielle Copeland, overzealous Christmas light displayer

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Copeland Christmas Gets a New Garage Door

Over the past month, we pressure washesd the house, and painted the driveway and garage floor. Today, the new garage door gets installed, and I'm so happy! I can't believe one guy is going to install the door himself. He said it would take 3 hours. We'll see.
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