Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MiniPLUS Workshop Preparation

I haven't blogged much about the October 13th MiniPLUS workshop, but it's top priority these days. We're out of commission from the 15th-30th of this month, so I'm trying to get a lot of stuff done in advance.

For the workshop, we'll be using the large plasma in the living room to show powerpoint shows and photos, etc. Some guests who are leading portions of the workshop will be presenting powerpoint and word files. So , I went to chat with the Geek Squad to:
  1. find out why my computer is so slow
  2. find out if there's better option than an s video cable when using the TV as a monitor.

Eightly dollars later, they had fixed both problems. My computer was slow because of all the background and start up processes. That didn't cost anything and they "agent" showed me how to fix things in the future. What was expensive, was the cable and converter. Not so much the converter as the cable. In the next post, I'll tell you what you need to use a newer tv as a monitor for an older laptop. I'm going to test it now to make sure it works, then I'll post.

By the way, a few weeks ago, I tried the S-video cable and it worked fine. The powerpoint slides looked good and the text was legible, as long as it was size 18 font (I think it was arial or times).

More Annalee's

The first two photos are from the ebay seller that is selling that whole big lot of annalees. John got the gator for his recent birthday, and jumped into the photo. The tall Mrs. Claus in the third photo was from this same ebay saller. The last two santas are from TJ Maxx. I'm done with Annalee's for a while...unless I can find the ones from the Alice in Wonderland set I've been looking for. I need the cheshire cat, white rabbit, mad hatter, and caterpillar on mushroom.

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Annalee Dolls at TJ Maxx

I know I'm not supposed to be spending money right now. So, I returned two shirts to TJ Maxx that I bought last month (tags still on). I also found a gift card that still had some TJ money on it. Then, I was able to buy more Annalees! Check out the price (click on photo) on the little mice, $42! I think I paid $10 max for each.
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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Today's Thoughts

I finished the manger yesterday. I guess we'll paint it brown, but we're in no rush to get it painted this week. Now I'm beginning to waiver on the flagpole. I can get a 20' sunsetter or topflight for $130+$15 shipping on eBay. But, if I get a non-brand, it's only $100. Now, Sunetter says their poles are far superior because they're thicker. I don't know if this is a place to save $$$ or not. Are the sunsetter/topflights far superior, somewhat superior, or neglibile compared to the nonbranded poles? Argh.

Also don't know what color to make the mega tree. Green lights don't seem as bright as red. But have you ever seen a red Christmas tree? No. ......But does it matter? Maybe, maybe not. I'm rambling.

I made a star tree topper a few weeks ago out of bamboo. Then, I proudly posted my invention just to find out that someone else had done the exact same thing. Even worse....he posted photos last year, and I apparently read the thread and probably saw the photos. I'm not that old...but I don't remember seeing it. Oh well. What am I gonna do?

So, here's the star I made. I'm not crazy about it and should probably zip tie each light as opposed to every other light. I'm looking into a new design made from coro. I received photos from a PC friend who saw my post about wanting to see star design that did not involve welding.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today's list

  • Still trying to get in touch with the electrician.
  • Sent an email to the Toys For Tots lady so we can be a drop off point.
  • Need to fix the manger I broke a few days ago.
  • Need to fix the Digital Decorating Box. Outlet # 2 does not work and the box uses triangle screws rather than phillips or flat.

Been very busy with school having just started up again. Plus, we're off to Italy very soon. You'd think it would be easy to book a hotel in Europe.