Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Planet Christmas (Mini) Convention

2013PlanetChristmasMini by ladybugfalcon
2013PlanetChristmasMini, a photo by ladybugfalcon on Flickr.

John and I are up in Celebration, FL this weekend for a mini convention called "Florida Planet Christmas Mini Convention." We are learning about the future of Christmas light customization...DMX and RBG devices. These two technologies allow users to control millions of colors at the pixel level. Imagine making every bulb a different color! Then imagine fading all those colors slowly into other colors! Imagine violet, peach, aqua lights! That's where we are heading and we're proud to be among pioneers of this great industry. We even gave a small presentation about photographing your Christmas lights. Download the file.

We also learned a few software tips, like "paste to foreground" in the software. I realized I need to download the latest version of the LOR software and it's only about $20 (I thought it would be $100).

We learned about adding a new element to the display....water. We learned how to set up a DIY mini version of the fountains at Bellagio. Well, maybe not that fancy.

We won a raffle!...$140! That will almost pay for one of hotel nights :)