Saturday, June 13, 2009

Very Exciting Geek News...

I learned how to configure and use Remote Desktop across platforms today. It sounds geeky and advanced, but it's really is not. There are a ton of tutorials posted on youtube. I use one of the tuorials. Here's the benefit!!!!!!!...................

I can now sit across the street with my laptop, log in to the office computer, open/edit the Christmas sequences, then hit play to watch them on the house in real time. In years past, we ran a 100 ft cat5e cable out the window and across the lot...what a pain! And, all the files still reside on the back office computer, so there is no more need to transfer files, fix the broken links, etc.

I added in a few secret layers of security after allowing remote access, so once again the network is sufficiently protected. Yeah!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few More Experiments

Today I used an old piece of styrofoam to see if I can do some icicle borders for windows, hallways, and tables. It worked nicely. I like how the icicles turned out, but I need to vary the length more. I also need to add more space in between the icicles.

I tried another variation of the telephone pole today. I like the second (right) better than yesterday's pole. This one is so much easier because there are no angles to cut. The glueing is more simple this way and I even like the looks of it better. Lastly, for each pole, I use two chopsticks instead of three. I used cut BBQ skewers for the top two cross bars this time. I still can't figure out a good base, so I stuck it in styrofoam.
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Did Some Experiements Today

The igloo (spray foam in a bowl) is coming along.

The foam has continued expanding over the past 5 hours. I put this hammer on the bowl to weigh it down. You can see all the foam oozing out the right side of the bowl.

I used sandpaper and yellow duct tape to make road ways.

I used BBQ skewers and wood glue to make a fence around a village house platform. For the cost ($0), I think this is a cute addition.

The telephone poles need some tweaking. I would like to figure out an easy and cheap design to have them stand up. I could pole them into the styrofoam base, but I don't always use a base. I thought about using washers, bar coasters, and posicle sticks...if you have any ideas, lemme know! The chopsticks are a must...good price (got a collection from grocery store sushi lunches) and right size.

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Gotta Get Some Ideas Documented

I've spent some time today thinking about the 09 display. I have some ideas that aren't fully developed, but I KNOW that if I don't jot them down....I'll lose them forever.

Use chopsticks to make telephone poles to run throughout the village scene.
Use sandpaper and yellow duct tape to make streets.
Use gravel and glue to make fences and paths.
Use spray foam and an old bowl to make an igloo.
Use those LED icicle lights to make diff. levels of snow villages.

More to come...

More Polystyrene Projects

I made two more styrofoam house stands that we'll use for the village scenes. They are not that good b/c this is my first time doinf stair cases. It's definitely something I'd like to practice at...and see what else I can think up.

I've been spending a lot of time on the internet trying to find inspiration...what techniques are other people using. What else are they carving besides stair cases?...What are they using for paint and how do they protect the pieces? I'm working on making a glacier for the Antarctica display. What's the best way to glue the sheets of styrofoam together?
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