Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few More Experiments

Today I used an old piece of styrofoam to see if I can do some icicle borders for windows, hallways, and tables. It worked nicely. I like how the icicles turned out, but I need to vary the length more. I also need to add more space in between the icicles.

I tried another variation of the telephone pole today. I like the second (right) better than yesterday's pole. This one is so much easier because there are no angles to cut. The glueing is more simple this way and I even like the looks of it better. Lastly, for each pole, I use two chopsticks instead of three. I used cut BBQ skewers for the top two cross bars this time. I still can't figure out a good base, so I stuck it in styrofoam.
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Joey said...

everything looks great! just one question...what is the road for? another project? we dont really have roads down here. well, not like that. they are paths cleared by dozers. around town, they are volcanic rock, and the rest are ice and snow. its a lot of fun around the corners. :)