Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Peacock Tree in the Garage

I put together the peacock tree today. It's all jewel tones and has the two peacocks from my Aunt Cindy, the green nutcracker from my inlaws, and the green balls from my Mother. I put a pretty lame bow on the top of the tree...I need to find something else to put on top.

You can see the three toy soldiers and the beginnings of a 6' x 8' snowy mountain with a train. John's been working hard designing a mountain structure. It's very cool and he has done a fantastic job. The train track is about 24 inches off the ground. He's used plywood, 2x4s, newspaper, spray foam, cinder blocks, and PVC pipe. The backdrop is once again plastic sheeting that will have white and blue lights peaking through, so it will look like a starry, starry night backdrop. Jim developed this backdrop and it works like a charm. In the way back, you can see our new workbench, peg board, and shelving. This has been a lifesaver this year.
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