Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bummer Alert: Half Christmas Trees

I had planned on removing half of the branches on a few prelit fake Christmas trees so that I could make them "half trees" or flatback trees. I'd put them against a wall (or even a quarter tree in a corner) and be able to put up twice as many because I'm saving space.

The problem: I didn't about the fact that the lights are pre-stranded around the branches. So, taking out half the branches would require cutting the light strands...because I'm not spending 5 hours taking off the lights. I just measured a tree that would fit nicely in the dining room corner. Then I began setting it up only to realize this fatal oversight.

I think I'll still be ok with the smaller trees because the branches are bendy, not rigid and riveted to the main post like the tall ones. I know you can buy these flat back trees, but I'm not into spending the extra money when I have two dozen trees already. I looked up "DIY flatback" and "DIY half" trees, but no results. Once I figure out this solution, I'll put it on the web. I thought everything you ever wanted to know is already on the web. Hmmmm.

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