Sunday, September 28, 2008

2008 mockup

I worked on a mock-up of the 2008 animated display today. I only sepnt an hour on it, but I think it's shaping up.
I'm thinking we can do both the shutters and the window outlines this year. It seems we will have enough power. The question is "will I have enough time to program all those items." The large palms will be a challenge.


alan said...

96 Channels! Have fun with it. I've moved to Minnesota so this years display will actually be minimal on a coffee house back home. I bought 6 new boards to take it to 8 total.. 8x16= what 128 or something... so look out for me in 2009!

You should really build your own boards!! its way cheaper and more fun!

ldybug said...

Hi! It's good to hear from you! I just may build board this upcoming year. I've looked at diagrams of how to build the boards and it seems detailed, but simple. Kepp in touch!