Sunday, January 4, 2009

More 2009 Ideas

I'm about 80% done packing up the inside of the house. Today is Sunday and tomorrow ushers in another semester of Marketing coursework.

Before I lose these ideas for the 2009 display, I figured I'd jot them down. The other day, I did part 1 of this list.

Jim said he'd allow the first child at his display each night to choose which train accessories were placed one of his 2 dozen train sets. What a great idea! Perhaps we could announce that each night or on a certain night of the week, the first child at the house could have a special job or get to do something special. The giant light switch idea from last year would be perfect.

One of the top 5 questions from this past year was "how many people come here?" We know that on some nights this year, we had a couple hundred people. One family who was featured on this year's HGTV Christmas show counted their guests by knowing how many candy canes were passed out each night. Pretty good idea. We did have a guest book, but so many people don't sign, the candy cane idea is not a sure fire counting method. More brainstorming to do.

Edit: Added more below

Want to add a scene which requires a velvelt rope (inspiration: Ace of Cakes 21 b-day episode)
Want to add the Halloween fog machine, a waterfall, bubble machine, snow machine, a light that morphs from color to color
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