Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas Eve at Copeland Christmas

John and I snuck a photo early in the evening before the crowds hit. Christmas Eve was a busy day here at Copeland Christmas.

Here's a few of the more remarkable stories from this year...

A nice girl came from Gardens and asked if were the Copelands from Catalpha Rd. We nodded. She said, "my family bought that house from you and we had people for 10 years knocking on our door asking if we decorated the garage." She lives here in PC now.

We also had the chance to talk with Mr. Orth about "real nutcrackers" from Austria and Annalees from New Hampshire. A few days later, he came back to give us a 1990's Annalee doll from New Hampshire.

Gayle has come a few times with and without her 80 yr old mother. She brought us a newspaper article about Annalees. She said this summer, she's going to NH and will bring back a doll from the factory for us. Wow.

A woman came from PSL and commented about our fireplace DVD. Then her son came a few days later. He just filmed a new fireplace DVD that was featured on Jay Leno and in a Paltrow movie. Once he gets his DVDs printed, I'll try to find one for next year.

Lots of dogs have come to see the display, including a 9 week chihuahua. The best was the pet hampster that got out of the car and got to see the display from the driveway.

Gunner and Jagger from Palm City, both under 12 years old have come several times and totally understand how everything works. Hats off to them for reading the website and getting into the animation.

We've had people from Finland, Alaska, Austria, Norway, Canada, Columbia, Albania, and many more.

Some folks drove down here twice from Ft. Pierce. Another framily came from Lantana.
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