Sunday, January 25, 2009

All Signs of Christmas Are Gone

We have been done with "teardown" for a few weeks now. The living room has a nice monochromatic feeling to it. I'm ready for a few new pieces of furniture, but I've realized all I'd do is go purchase another wooden chocolate brown set that is ultra modern.

That's what I have now!

I love the combination of chocolate brown with lime green...or sky blue...or teal. We've been in this house for nearly three seasons now, and I've had each of these colors as accents to the chocolate brown. This year, I've chosen to put all three with the chocolate and I'm loving it.

You know how, after Christmas, you always find that gift, you quickly shoved under the bed to avoid being discovered? Well, we've finally cleared all that stuff out of the house. Except, with us, it's the last few red cups, bathroom towels, and miscellaneous ornaments that have fallen under furniture or are heaped in the bottom of the closet.

I am happy to report that the glitter situation from last January does not ail us again this year. How does one have a glitter situation on her hands?......

Let's think about a typical Target Christmas aisle containing ornaments, stockings, wreaths, china, cards, etc. I'd be willing to bet that 1 out of every 2 things you pick up from a store christmas shelf has glitter on it. I love glitter, but it seems like Christmas glitter lays dormant for a month after Christmas, then it slowly releases into the house for 6 months.

I still don't know why this year's glitter situation has been better than previous years. I've actually given serious thought to this.
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