Friday, January 30, 2009

Tinsel, the New Copeland Puppy

We got a dog...a Christmas dog! Her name is Tinsel and she was born the week before Christmas.

She is a Yorkie and as soon as she outgrows her puppy fur, she should be silver and tan like her mom/dad...hence the name Tinsel. She is still a bit too young to leave her mom, but she is on puppy food and enjoys playing with the other two puppies.

A few weeks ago, John said he was ambivilant about getting a puppy. This week, he asked me why I haven't put down a deposit for her yet....and "what if somebody else wants her and gets her before us?" In fact, right now, he's on the computer looking up which hotels in the Orlando area are pet friendly. (We go to Orlando every couple months).
A few days after Christmas, a cute little chihuahua puppy came by to see the display.
I fell in love with the puppy and started searching for a chi. The more I talked to people and researched the breed, I realized it was not the right breed for us. It was then, that we started talking to neighbors about their little yorkie Popcorn. John said he likes the little dogs that get ta red bow in their hair...the rest is history.

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