Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stuff we Got After Christmas on Sale

The 2008 after-Christmas sales weren't as good as the past two years. The 50-70% sales had been running throughout December. Michaels started 70% the week before Christmas. Sears and JC Penney were 50% the whole month.

HD and Lowes did go 50% and 75% on the 26th. Walmart went 50% on the 26th. Actually Macy's and HD went 50% Christmas night.

Shown above is special Annalee doll from Mr. Orth, a visitor who decided this little Santa needed to be at our house. He's such a special visitor who loves to tell us about old Christmas traditions.

Here are three of the big Annalees we got this year at Dillard's on the 26th. I couldn't believe the crowd that accumulated outside Dillard's on the 26th. They had their own jumbo bags, they were lined up 30 mins early. Some had scouted out the best door. They all ran once the doors opened. They were complaining about how one door opened before the other door. I've never experienced this before. Within 5 mins, every Annalee doll was gone. One lady even asked John if he was putting one back on the shelf... she had overheard us talking about how we didn't really need this particular Santa b/c we already had it.

The above photo shows the remainder of the new Annalees. We got three owls from Dillard's. I go to FAU, home of the owls, so there might be an FAU display next year. The pig and frogs are from Dillard's. The elves, elephants, bedtime mice, and monkeys are from

I think the circus scene will grow in 2009. I'll add back Rene's porcelain circus figures, circus train, these Annalees, and all the Lemax circus items I got this year. I think it might go inside on the table. Oh, I might beg Jim for his Kinex ferris wheel again. A dozen people asked about it this year and last.
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