Sunday, January 25, 2009

After Christmas Sale Stuff

The day after Christmas in 2008 was so much fun. The big difference between the 07 and 08 Christmas sales is that the sales this year started back 3-4 weeks earlier. Things like the mailbox were purchased in November for fear they'd be sold out if we waited. (Thanks again Jim/Cathy for the mailbox.) They were sold out the second week of Dec.

I'd say we spent about $1000 on $4000 of stuff during the after Christmas sales...which started before Christmas this season. To all the haters that think we spend too much, please know that we plan for this all year long. We save up.

Above: Here are a few things we purchased from Penneys.

The tree skirt from Homegoods was originally $125, on sale for $25. That was a good deal. The Mr. Christmas village pieces for $17 were a steel. There were 4 more receipts that I've already filed away.
$24 43" Deer
$17 Half Pipe
$17 Half Pipe
$17 Half Pipe
$12 Night Before House
$10 3 Village access.
total (tax and a few other things):
TOTAL: $117

$5 Princess ornaments
$9 white feather tree
TOTAL: $14

Santa face
tree skirt
shiny santa figurines (6x)
Total $63

Annalees (17x)
spiral decorations (6x)
Total $434

One thing that John has wanted since last year is the street light from Penneys. He liked the mickey one, but it was around $300. The snowman one went down to $125 and we didn't get it. I'm okay with it, but I gaurantee he'll get it as soon as he sees it this year. One interesting thing...we didn't get any new lights this year. We did purchase $150 in new icicle lights in November to use for the 08 season. After John pulled out the 5th bad set, we decided to throw away the whole's not worth putting them up to have them break a week later.
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