Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Christmas Dog and Ideas for 2009

Here's our cute neighbor dog, Bell. She had fun posing as a reindeer in front of the garage display this year.

I've been getting really excited about a few scenes for next year's display. I really loved this year's snowman and cardinal display.
  • 101 Dalmations scene ...a trees or a train
  • Light bulb farm scene
  • Disney scene...have a bunch of stuff already, but want to glitter and glue together 3 balls to make a mickey shaped ornaments. Maybe Fantasia hat at top with brooms all over.
  • South Pole scene...in honor of my brother who is in Antartica
  • Muppets scene...
  • Model train set(s) mounted to ceiling or wall
  • Add a gardening scene...maybe around train with bonzai or other
  • Silver and white feather Christmas tree
  • Snow village scene (ski lift, snowboarders, ice skaters)
  • Water scene in village scene (maybe with sm. scale waterfall)
  • Pulled back curtain made of light strands
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Joey said...

NICE!IT kind of reminds me of, uh, here!