Monday, December 15, 2008

Revised Some Songs Today

Today, I found time to tweak two animation files. I amplified the sound clip that plays during the show and I think I'm going to have it play twice every 20 minutes instead of once.

I also modified the Hippo song. I've made it a much "brighter" song. Before, it didn't have the roof or 4 palms lit up. The north poles didn't light up often either. I like it much better now.

By the way, my husband and I did all the programming and set-up this year without Joe's help. Joe is my brother, who we dubbed the Lead Engineering Elf. He has taken a contract in Antartica, very close to the South Pole. So, in Joe's honor, we have changed the name of our north poles to "South Poles." The south poles line the front yard and have rope light connecting them.
Last night, I took videos of the display, so later today, I'll take the time to dub in the music (it was so windy last night that you can't hear the music) and upload the videos to Youtube. Click here for videos of last year's video.

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