Thursday, October 29, 2009

Updated the website today

For the first time in a year, I updated the website ( today.

While I was updating, I figured I'd check out my google analytics account to see how the website traffic is going. I had a whopping 12 unique hits today. I need to call a friend in Fort Lauderdale at to thank him for having a link on his website. He has an AWESOME display...definitely worth a drive to check it out...he uses all LED lights too and the blues are beautiful.

A peculiar thing happened to me yesterday. A guy showed up at the door while I was in the garage setting up the display. He is from Venezuela, owns 11 shopping malls, and wanted to know if he could buy Christmas display items from me. He had a print out of our website and a car filled with 600 strobe lights that he was bringing back to his country. He said he was from Miami and wants to do big displays for his malls. He flew into Miami to buy stuff and ship it overseas. Dunno if the story is true, but it's definitely a unique one. "Good luck, guy from Venezuela!"
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