Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Ideas

I have a few more ideas I need to get documented...I will lose them if I don't put them in writing.
I got this penguin thing last year on clearance. It will go nicely on the Antarctica scene...which I decided will go in the dining room. I have an Antarctica DVD which might get played under the table. I will wrap the two framed prints with a wintery, icy paper. I will put the white feather tree and the two silver trees in this scene. I will try to put the two giant snowmen on either side of the table. They might not fit in the room though.

I have an idea for the center of the garage...
It will have a giant wooden sleigh that is filled with presents. The right side of the garage will be Santa's workshop again but will have a sign this year so there's no mistaking what it is. The two 4-ft Annalee elves will be filling the sleigh. Some of the elves will be attached to a dowl and will look like they are standing on top of each other (being all goofy) helping to laod packged. There will be one extra goofy elf that is doing a flip in the air (from fishing line).

We have the following scenes that I still need to wrap my head around...
  • gingerbread scene
  • snowman scene gator and owl tree
  • circus scene
  • 'Twas the night scene
  • peackock tree
  • USA tree
  • Wizard of Oz scene
  • ladybug scene
  • gold angel scene
  • red cardi nal scene
  • carollers scene
  • snowboarding village scene (w/ fog machine)
  • pink disney tree
  • water scene in the village
  • ...more to come....

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