Sunday, October 25, 2009

Santa Hat Tree Topper

I've gotten so much done this weekend. Today, I put up the Tinsel Tree. I decided to make it red/silver. It has a very cool LED color changing spot light below it, so it requires no strands of lights. The ornaments are from the auction and I got the hat from a thrift store several years ago. I really like the I just need to find a cool tree skirt. I think I will find a light weight white skirt and then I'll put a couple strands of red light under it so it's illuminated.

Here's the ladybug tree. This year I added some glitter floral branches. I think it needs a black or white tree skirt.

Here's the Wizard of Oz Tree. Over the last 2 years, John has been giving me these ornaments as birthday and anniversary gifts. The dolls are Annalees, the nutcrackers are from JC Penney and some of the other ornaments are Hallmark. I made the bows and tree skirt last year out of gingham. The mirrored ball ornaments are supposed to represent the Emerald City and Yellow Brick Road and the red tree is supposed to represent the Ruby Slippers. It all makes sense to me...I wonder how many onlookers "get" what I was trying to do. :)

Next steps...I think the curio cabinets need to be cleared and Christmas-ified. I also need to figure out how to talk John into keeping this silver tree in the "real tree spot." His big thing is that each year, we need one LIVE tree that smells wonderful and gets decorated with sentimental ornaments. I'll figure out how to give him his tree but keep my silver tinsel tree here.
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