Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Brought the Antarctica Scene Indoors

I brought the antarctica scene into the dining room today and started hooking up the lighting.

I used some LED icicle strands that added nice icy accents. The icicles come in strands of 10 and have a DC converter. I yanked the tiny LEDs out of the clear plastic icicles and pushed the LEDs up through tiny holes I made in the polystyrene. Then, I hotglued the icicles back onto the bulbs.

In the bottom of the polystyrene, I carved out grooves and shoved the extra wire lengths into the grooves. Then, I taped the bottom up. The only view that's not so great is the one from under the glass dining table. Oh well, I don't plan on getting down there all that much.

One pretty cool thing that I hadn't planned on is that I put three lights under the water. The lights glow from below.
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Christine (Cambridge uk) said...

This looks fab. Found your Antartic Scene by accident searching for Polystyrene and Christmas. I'm trying to be creative for our schools Christmas Extravaganza, my creative skills are nothing compared to you but you have definetely inspired me!