Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The 09 Display is Beginning to Take Shape

Over the last couple days, we have been unloading the storage units and filling up the porch and garage. John’s plan is to build all the infrastructure for the garage display. My plan has been to get all the themed trees done. The staging area is the porch and I think many of the trees will stay on the porch as part of the display.


John has a great idea about how to decorate the porch this year. He wants to put a bunch of trains on the porch and open up the area to be part of the main display. Last year, he decorated the porch, but it was also a storage area and was just kind of cluttered. So, we didn’t love for people to be walking around out there.


Here’s the gator tree. It just might stay here on the porch ledge this year.


The Antarctica scene has received two rather large snowmen and a bright aqua tree. Joey said they have no trees in Antarctica…good thing we are doing a Make Believe Antarctica display! And I still see remnants of Halloween off to the left. John had a good idea of keeping the Halloween tree out and decorating it with all the Nightmare Before Christmas characters. What a fantastic idea…now I just need to watch that movie and find a slew of character ornaments.


Here’s the biggest pain I’ve been dealing with…I can’t get these remote controls to program correctly. You’re supposed to plug in the received to an outlet, and push a corresponding button on the remote to activate the system. It worked fine last year. I’ve googled it and found other people who are having the same problem. Today, this bag is headed to Jonathan’s…if anyone can figure them out, it’s him.

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Super Fun Mama said...

One of my biggest dreams is the have a Christmas display like your family has. If you have tips on how to get started, please let me know.