Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kitchen Scenes Took 3 Hours

Well, the Kitchen scenes aren't done, but I got a lot done this morning. The gold angel scene is 75% done. I need one more gold "something" to go above the right cabinet. I am not crazy about the gold tree on the fridge because it blocks the gold angel trio. Since I don't know what to do...I'll just wait. I don't doubt it will figure itself out. Here's the photo of the '08 gold angel scene and here's the '07 gold angel scene. I think the cabinet area needs an overhaul for 2010...

The old carolers are up above the mirrored brick pantry again. I love them here. I say it all the time, but their story is one of my family members can really remember their origin, but they've been in the family for 40-50 years!!! Here's the '08 vintage caroler scene and here they are in the '07 display.

Finally, here is a photo that was emailed to us's the Ditto Christmas House and I love it!!!

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