Friday, November 6, 2009

Yesterday I Did the Pantry Scenes

The big challenges yesterday were to wade through the storage units for the exact stuff I needed, load it into the truck, get home, unload it, then bring it all inside and figure out where to put it. I started the day out knowing that I wanted to do a ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas scene above the kitchen pantry, then a gingerbread and candy land scene above the snowmen scene. If it wasn’t for my Mom helping at storage and then in the kitchen, I would have gotten nothing done. First thing we did was put a spot light with a 15 watt bulb under the living room Tinsel tree. It helps liven it up a bit.

Next, we tackled the Twas the Night Scene. We began by propping Grandma up high and getting her book positioned right. Then, we put all the other characters around her with their little poem bubbles. I am pretty happy with how it’s turning out. Still more to go though. Here’s a blurb and photo about 2008 ‘Twas the Night scene.

Lastly, I started the Gingerbread candy land scene above the pantry which is the back of the Twas the Night Scene. The most time consuming part of this whole undertaking is getting the foundation and support ready for the pieces. For example, there is a perfect tunnel of extension cords, power strips, white lights, and empty boxes that run under each display. The white lights illuminate the snow. This is the part that takes a while to do…10 ft in the air on the ladder.

I’ve never spoken about my ladder before…I do have a top of the line blue Werner laddder that has made all of this possible.

John took off work today to go on the boat, but since there are 7 ft seas in the gulfstream, we nixed that idea. Instead, we are off to storage again…this time with a friend’s tow trailer.

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