Friday, August 24, 2007

Yesterday I Painted Santa's Workbench

You can see it didn't make a HUGE difference, but I'm happy I found the time to paint the workbench before our October Workshop. If I had put this off, it simply would not have gotten done. I used whatever white paint we had in the cabinet, so the project was free ($). I made sure to paint the under side of everything because most of the people who come to see the garage get down on their knees (at a kids level). Cathy told me to put together that garage for the kids, and as if I was a kid. It sounds simple, but during my first year decorating, I had to remind myself of this concept almost hourly during set-up.

I also did some sequencing yesterday. We have a 13 hour flight to Italy in September. I had planned on doing a lot of sequencing on the flight, but now that I found out the laptop adapter is $100, I'm re-thinking my plan. I should probably sleep instead.

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