Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Today's Chores

Today, I'd like to finish my How To on the north poles I built a few weeks ago. Since I'm more comfortable with PowerPoint than anything else, that's what I used. I need to figure out the best way to post a pps show on the internet. I don't want people to be able to dowload it, just view it.

After that, I need to figure out what type of mega tree we're contructing, buy some of Daryl Brown's strobe lights, and continue updating the spreadsheet for the electrician.

Last night, I tried to win two eBay auctions. The first one was for a cute little Annalee boy on a sled. The other was for a lot of 14 Annalees. I must have narked when typing in the numbers because if I had typed in $130 like John suggested, I would have won. Those stupid Alice in Wonderland Annalees that I want so badly are on eBay for $39 and $49 each. What a rip off!

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