Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ordered 10 Strobe Lights Today

Even though I have no idea how we're going to construct the mega tree this year, I do know that we need a few curtain strobe lights in it. I've ordered from Darryl Brown, a long-time PCer and a really nice guy. Everyone swears by his strobes. Anyway, they are on sale this week for $6 each; they are normally $12 each.

Here's how they work:
I take an old set of C9 lights that don't work anymore. I'll unscrew 10 of the burnt out C9s and screw in the 10 strobe lights. If any of the C9s still work, I'll paint them black or put a black out caps over them. Then, I'll hang the new strobe strand in the center of the mega tree.

Here's an example of how the strobes look in the mega tree before the lights are put up.

(Courtesy of Wayne Kremer of Nevada Christmas)

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