Sunday, August 26, 2007

Got A Lot Done!

No photos yet. Here's what we got done over the last few days.
  • Made star tree topper for mega tree
  • Made device to put at top of flagpole that will hold all the lights
  • Took a bunch more stuff to storage (still cleaning the garage)
  • Fixed 4 more sets of mini light with lightkeeper pro
  • Talked more about the MERRY CHRISTMAS sign (don't know if it will be done this year)
  • Talked more about security (still need to figure out how to secure our yard)
  • Tested the Digital Decorator. Outlet # 2 is not working. Need to fix it
  • Talked to friend about renting bucket tree and workers for palm tree lights
  • Figured out where to put the manger (just outside our property line)
  • John's at HD now getting material to make the wooden manger

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