Sunday, October 9, 2011

Snowman Scene is complete

Today friends and family came over to help decorate. It was loads of fun and we got a lot accomplished.

Some of us wrapped the wall art to look like presents.

Here are the masterminds of the snowman scene. Kathy's vision was to have all the snowmen cascading down the bar. She made it happen and with Caitlin's help, they got it done in only a few hours. Bill and Jim helped John get the tree to rotate and Jim hung the giant glitter snowflakes in the perfect locations. The kids and Mom decorated the tree and I was the runner.

Oh, and I made the cocktails which fueled our creativity.

I don't know how Tinsel made it into the team photo...all she did was steal our Christmas socks. What a great memory I have when I look at this photo. It was a fun day.

2011 Copeland Christmas
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Who remembers where the snowman scene was last year....?.....

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