Saturday, October 8, 2011

How to Fix Broken Christmas Lights

I love our Lightkeeper Pro. It's a little red gun that fixes broken Christmas lights. You can it get on the Christmas aisle at home stores. Some Christmas lights just need to be thrown away, but if you have a strand that you think is only a few years old and the bulbs are still clear (as opposed to hazy/burned) then use the LKP.
  • Plug lights into an outlet
  • Remove an unlit bulb
  • Plug the empty bulb socket into the Lightkeeper Pro
  • Pull trigger 20 times while watching for faint flickers coming from the other unlit bulbs. This is the culprit bulb.
  • Replace the culprit.
This method doesn't always work, but today it worked for me with 2 of 2 strands. Visit the LKP website for the official user instructions and also for alternate methods of fixing broken lights. Email me with questions.

Note: this is not a paid endorsement.

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