Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Full Day Dedicated to 2011 Copeland Christmas Display

I haven't been to storage in a while, so I rode over with Joey and John to get some work done. I have to say, I was floored. It looks like someone robbed a Christmas store in the middle of night and had to shove the hot santas somewhere fast.

Tomorrow, I am headed back to storage with 4 new Harbor Freight shelving units and 3 paid helpers.

All the non-christmas stuff will get put in one corner. The loose clunky Christmas items will go on shelves. Everything else is going in a rubbermaid bin or the dumpster. What am I going to do with those 500 CDS, 300 VHS tapes, and 500 records? The inflatable boat we'll never use is going to a new home. So is everything else we NEVER USE but pay to store.

...We will create rows that a person can fit through.....
...the boxes will be labelled with legible handwriting... won't be perfect, but it's be better...
...I'll take a deep breath and *deal*

On the good side of things, I put up the "noel scene" above the kitchen cabinets today. I usually call it the gold angel scene. It wasn't my first choice of scenes to build for the year, but these were the bins closest to the front of the storage unit. It was a rather easy decision.

Other good news is that the scene went up in about 1-2 hours. I switched things up a bit this year and added the gold glitter candles to the fridge. I don't know that I love it, but it works. The little Annalee angels hanging from the ceiling are so cute.

I also rewired the 18" lighted palm tree with white LEDS. It looks good. My flamingos are on the way from California tomorrow I hope to find the tropical bins in storage so I can begin working on the 2011 "tropical scene."
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