Sunday, October 30, 2011

Candyland Gingerbread Scene at Copeland Christmas

The Candyland/Gingerbread Scene at Copeland Christmas in 2011 was lots of fun to put together. Danielle, Matthew, and Mom did the whole thing in only a few hours.

We started off with garland, lights and topiaries. Then we added three power strips and 3 extension cords.

Then, we made Mom a Chocolate Martini and continued on...

Next, we added candy and gingerbread house houses on top of hand-carved styrofoam. Matthew told us where to place the buildings...some are stores and some are homes.

Then, Mom added candy garland all around the outside with pins and snow while Matthew and I made the trail with construction paper.

We glued pins to little gingerbread ornaments and stuck them on the cute.

Visit for more photos and video.

At the end of the day, we added more candy and gongerbread to the topiaries and sat down to relax.

A few days later, Matthew tweaked the scene a bit and made it better by adding more gingerbread men to the top of the topiaries.

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