Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Today's progress

Today I bought some more lights from Walmart. I got solid blues with green wires. Last year all the solid colors sold out, so this year, I'm taking no risks. I talked to the seasonal department guy at Walmart today (it's always good to get to know them). Anyway, he said those big, ugly sequenced trees have not sold...not even one...and they've been out for two weeks. He said a lot of people look at them, but then comment about the $200 price tag.

I got a motion detector, two flood lights on clearance for $2 ea., some triple taps, and a new locking latch for the side fence. The locking latch is because we have some rubbermaid bins on the side yard right now.

I went to 4 metal shops in the industrial part of town today looking for a flagpole. No one carries them. I was tempted to stop into a car dealership and ask where they get their poles. Anyway, I also hit Sports Authority...no luck...but there happened to be a sign shop next door so I gave it a shot. They can order one for $220...it's telescoping...so it must be a sunsetter or topflight. I didn't order, but instead drove by the flea market (which is closed during the week). There is a vendor with a 10 x 10 shed that sells flagpoles. I'll stop by on Saturday to inquire. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. $220 seems too expensive. If the flea market guy doesn't work out, we may have to resort to eBay.

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