Sunday, October 14, 2007

Met Some New Friends

So, yesterday was the 2007 MiniPLUS. I have to say it exceeded my expectations in many ways.

First, the group of people that I've come to know online is a TOP NOTCH group of people. I wish I could emphasize this more, but I hate using call caps and lots of punctuation. So, enough said. John and I both really believe we gained some true friends yesterday.

Next, the combined talent of everyone in the room was circuit blowing. Some people are artists in every sense of the word. Some seem to be true inventors. We had several engineers who invent new ways of building/using microchips. We had builders, carpenters, welders, writers, entrepeneurs, retirees, etc, etc. Our common goal is our hobby of decorating for Christmas. I really enjoyed hearing everyone say why they do this crazy stuff. Everyone does it for someone else's benefit...mostly for the kids...or family. You could tell this is why they are passionate about it.

Next, I learned SOOOOOO much. I witnessed more than a few people say, "oh my gosh that is such an easy solution to a tough problem. Why didn't I think of that!?" John and I had so many "ah ha!" moments. We wrote them down so we wouldn't forget. I'll be sure to share in future posts.

More to come. John's pyched after yesterday, so we're headed over to storage to get more stuff to do the garage.
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