Monday, December 16, 2013

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wizard of Oz Christmas Weath

Today, my friends came over to help with setting up the Wizard of Oz Weath. We love it!

In years past, the Wizard of Oz stuff was on a small ruby red tree (2008 and 2009).

This year, we placed the weath near the front door and I think we'll add one of those space heaters that looks like an old fashioned wood stove. It'll be a great little nook on that awkward little wall. :)

Earlier this year, I made a vision board for the wreath. I know it sounds weird, but I have a habit of pasting a bunch of pics on a blank PowerPoint page just to see how I might like the concept. I liked this concept, so we made it happen.

The lights are Kurt Adler and the dolls are Annalee. Each year, John's surprised me with a few of the Annalees from the Wizard of Oz collection. I just love them!
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Monday, September 9, 2013

First Themed Christmas Tree of the 2013 Copeland Christmas Display

Today, I decorated the new woodlands themed Christmas tree. It's adorable so far. I think I'd like to place it in a galvanized pot then on a tree skirt. I have lots of extra jute ribbon, so maybe I can use that for the gifts under the tree. I think this tree will probably end up in our bedroom or on the porch.

I just love all the woodsy elements of this tree. Now I just need to find my pine cone and gnome ornaments. I saw a cute diy ornament on hang a tag from the house key of your first home. The tag says "our first home" and lists the address. I think I'm going to do this and hang it on this tree.

I'm really happy we were able to use this custom wall hanging as the tree topper. I hot glued it to the pipe from the ribbon roll. Then I hot glued the squirrels to the wood. It's cute.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

2013 Planet Christmas (Mini) Convention

2013PlanetChristmasMini by ladybugfalcon
2013PlanetChristmasMini, a photo by ladybugfalcon on Flickr.

John and I are up in Celebration, FL this weekend for a mini convention called "Florida Planet Christmas Mini Convention." We are learning about the future of Christmas light customization...DMX and RBG devices. These two technologies allow users to control millions of colors at the pixel level. Imagine making every bulb a different color! Then imagine fading all those colors slowly into other colors! Imagine violet, peach, aqua lights! That's where we are heading and we're proud to be among pioneers of this great industry. We even gave a small presentation about photographing your Christmas lights. Download the file.

We also learned a few software tips, like "paste to foreground" in the software. I realized I need to download the latest version of the LOR software and it's only about $20 (I thought it would be $100).

We learned about adding a new element to the display....water. We learned how to set up a DIY mini version of the fountains at Bellagio. Well, maybe not that fancy.

We won a raffle!...$140! That will almost pay for one of hotel nights :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Electrical Upgrade at Copeland Christmas

Over the past few days, we've had an electrician here at Copeland Christmas upgrading our system. He had to begin at the existing breaker panel. Then, he ran lines from the main breaker panel through the roof. Of course everything is being done "to code" so ran the lines inside conduit.

All those ceiling lines come out the eave, down the side of the house and into a brand new 125 amp subpanel (the large gray box). Then, Richie installed 6 new quad outlets for our Light-O-Rama boxes.

In the garage, we asked for several new outlets on each side of the garage. They look pretty good.

We couldn't be more excited and highly recommend this local guy Richie Neu (Palm City).

Next week, Richie is coming back to give us a few more outlets around the exterior, he's gong to hard wire the boat lift motor, and he'll clean up some exposed wires the previous home owner left us. We just love all this new power!
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2013 Easter Decorations

I know it's way too early to set up for Eatser, but I did anyway. :)

I just love how these snowy Christmas Trees can be left out all year long! We took off the silver Foxes from Christmas and added glitter carrots and glitter easter eggs and they are instantly Eastery. I got a few new things at Pier 1 this year (which goes against my usual rule of only buying holiday decorations after the holiday on clearance).

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