Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Mega Tree at Copeland Christmas

We love the mega tree. Let me tell ya a little about how we made it.
mega tree
From January to November this is our flagpole! In December, we hang lights from the top and call it a Mega Tree.

It's a Sunsetter 20 ft Telescoping flagpole that's been cemented into the ground. During December, we take off the flag and replace the gold finial with a homemade tree topper. We used a wooden bun and coat hooks from the hardware store to make the topper. We attach a star to the top of our DIY topper and voila!

Since Christmas lights surprisingly weigh a lot, we have to secure the mega tree with guy wires.

Each strand is secured to the grass with a tent stake and zip tie.

In years past, we've done more elaborate trees, but we like this one just fine. It went up in a few hours.
mega tree
This year, the mega tree has 24 strands of green LEDs. We can control each strand separately so we can make it look like it's spinning, filling up, unfilling, twirling, etc. We can also control the star separately from the tree too.

mega tree