Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Raining! The lights are off

It poured today and we can't light up. Things are just too wet to be safe. I see people driving by and I feel so bad. Please come back tomorrow everyone.

-Danielle Copeland

The Mega Tree is Up

The mega tree took 4 hours to put up this year. John had his brother, son, and nephew helping him. This is their second year doing the mega tree.

The best part of today's construction was that they had fun putting it together! It's made from electrical conduit, rebar, a flagpole, and a few other homemade parts. We're having wind gusts of 30 mph right now, and the mega tree is doing just fine. The inflatable blew off the roof and all our blowmolds blew over though. The full trash can fell into the pool and all the cat5E cables just got soaked. Argh.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Living Room and Kitchen

I realized that I have a lot of close-up photos of specific scenes, but not many macro scenes of whole rooms. Here are two.

Even though we haven't officially opened up the house to guests yet, we still turn on the lights each night and enjoy them ourselves.

It's been fun documenting the whole process for another year. John makes fun of me because he and I are the only ones that read the blog. Oh well :)
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Our Vintage Scene in the Dining Room

I finished the vintage scene about a month ago, but I've been adding onto it each time I find come across a vintage piece.

This is one scene which I can stare at for hours. There's a large silver tree with vintage ornaments from mine and John's childhood...old kermit the frogs...etc. Overlooking the scene are the three carolers that I love. You can't see them in this photo, so look here.
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Once of John's outdoor scenes

John's got the entire backyard done now. He's also got the whole roof done and 3 of 4 palms in the front yard done.

Today is Nov 25th and Thanksgiving is in two days. We should have everything done in another few days! I nearly finished the garage two days ago. I have just a few more final touches and that will be done! It turned out cute.
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I Finished the "Twas the Night" Scene

I just love this 'Twas The Night scene. Chase and Bella lent me their large book and their mom helped with me on the ladder putting the scene together. It probably took a good 8 hours to complete the scene, but I spread out the time over a couple weeks.

I printed little quotes from the book and hung them around different parts of the scene.

There's a night time scene, a chimney scene, a stocking scene, a large reindeer scene (not shown) and a stirring mouse scene.
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Today, I set up the little outdoor bar scene. I used our cork collection, ice bucket, empty bottle, toy train, and Santa.

It turned out pretty cute. The santa is holding onto the bottle and has a cork stuffed in his stocking.

This cork collection has been a real team effort. We have to thank two of our neighbors for donating to our collection over the past year. Once we collect enough corks, we're planning on making a cork wreath to hang in the living room. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Tenney for the cork wreath idea.
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The Gator Christmas Tree is Done

Here's a cute photo of our beloved Gator tree. We are possily headed to the Nat'l Championship game AGAIN this year!

Last year, I used a 3 ft green tree for these ornaments. This year, I got a 4 ft blue tree, but orange and white lights on it, then decorated it as I did last year. I also have those gator football light strands that I put on it. The tree skirt is new this year. I made it back in October from Walmart felt. The mini statium and a few other accessories are from John's office.

Overall, it's a cute little corner in our living room. We like it.
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas at Disney

We went to a Gator game in Gainesville recently. We decided to stay in Orlando and hit a couple attractions with my Mom/Dad and little brother. Here, we are at Lego Land in Downtown Disney where I found a santa made from legos.

We also got a good idea about a toy box for next year made from wood. John said he could easily build one of these boxes. I am wondering how simple it would be to make it with hinges so that it can be folded up and stored...kinda like those folding tv tables.

Other than this, the ideas from Disney were just not flowing this year. All they had was stuffed animals and ornaments. I take that back...they did have a cool train set.
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Made Progress on Garage Display

Yesterday, John helped me a lot on the garage. This weekend is the Stuart Airshow. The past three years, I can remember running out of the garage to look at the F-18s every time I heard them. Or, we were on the roof putting up lights...then you can really see them.

This year was no different; jet's flying overhead, 90 degree heat, and fake snow/glitter stuck to my arms and legs. Yesterday, we finished three-quarters of the starry, starry night backdrop. Then, John helped elevate the USA tree and the new USA toy soldier. I did a lot of the gingerbread stuff.

Now, it's about 11 am and John is headed to the roof to begin putting up the icicle lights which run the perimeter of the roof. I took the star from the peacock tree and put it on the USA tree (since it's a nice shiny star).
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This Insect Bite was a Big Pain

I was over at the storage units rummaging through boxes a few weeks ago. Although the units are pest controlled and are always very clean, I guess I was bitten by a spider. In most parts of the country, spiders make their home in even the cleaned of spaces and love old untouched boxes.

So, I monitored the bite for a few days and kept drawing circles around the red swollen area. It got larger and larger with each day. The center of the bit was very hot and very hard. The photo below was taken on day three.

It ended up doubling in size from what is shown below. I went to the doctor because I felt there was a very slight chance is was a brown recluse bite. It turned out not to be a poisonous bite but I was put on an antibiotic just as a caution. I'm fine now, so all is well.
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Finished a Caroler Scene

John's grandparents decorated with these three carolers; so although we don't know how old the weighted styrofoam trio is, we believe they are 40-50 years old.

I'm honored to have them at our house given their history. I wanted to give them center stage this year, so they are overseeing the entire vintage scene in the dining room. The past two years, they were in the garage scene.
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