Monday, July 21, 2008

The National Christmas Tree

I'm in Washington DC this week getting ready to take a road trip down to Pensacola. It was H-O-T today. Those public water fountains that I usually steer clear of...were pretty refreshing today.
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Got A New Christmas Annalee!

Jim and Cathy got us a new Christmas Annalee last month!

It's a set of gingerbread bakers on a baking sheet. These guys will be a great addition to the gingerbread scene that I think might be moved to the kitchen this year.
Photo: 2007 gingerbread portion of garage display

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Bittersweet News: More lights for 2008

So, it's actually great news...we just got two additional controllers for the 08 season.

2007 season (above): 64 channels on 4 controllers

This year, we'll have 96 channels, which means I have to redo all the musical sequences which I programmed for 64 channels. Since each song took forever to program, I am hoping to begin this year's sequencing this month. I'm also hoping it goes a bit faster this year thanks to software upgrades and a year's worth of experience under my belt.

Oh yeah...John's not getting out of programming this year either. And my brother Joey, the Lead Engineering Elf (as his t-shirt says) will be doing his programming from the South Pole in Antartica. The good news is that he'll be able to provide real-time updates from the South Pole on Christmas morning.
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