Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lots of New Ideas for 2008 Display

My calculus and management final exams are tomorrow.

I'm dying to get back to my Planet Christmas Forums, connect with fellow enthusiast freinds, and finish some projects.

I just got an idea that I CANNOT let go. I come up with so many (good) ideas, don't write them down, and lose them forever. Not this one. I'd like to hide a series of mini scenes in the garage display. They might be behing plexi glass or behind tissue paper. I'll put a few leds in each mini scene, then rig up the lights to a few remote controls.

Another idea...I'd like to build a scene that resembles the entrance to our development. We have a tall stucco fence covered in creeping fig (Florida version of ivy), a row of 7 large palm trees, a few stop signs, and two magnolia trees. Then, I'd like to build a replica of our house that will match the tropical village (my 2008 pet project). Our house will be easy to build because it's a basic, boxy Florida home. It's recognizable because of the off color scheme (purple/gray).

I'd like to get sand, great stuff exapndable foam, and that faux sandy-textured spray paint for the tropical village. I'd really like to have a water feature, but I'm scared to have water in the garage. I'm sure we can figure out some other laternative to real water.

Received a couple new Annalees from John recently. Had a few good finds at the local Goodwill last Saturday. More to come after final exams!!!