Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jim's 26 ft Mega tree

Yesterday we went to Jim's to help put up his 26 ft mega tree. I looks so good. We all love it. The bucket truck helped immensly.

It has 12 animated stripes, a 4 ft star, and a strand of strobes. It's awesome.

While the guys were outside, I was doing the programming inside. He's up and running with Light-O-Rama 2.9!

We calculated the amps used so that we would not blow fuses. The tree uses 14.4 amps *not including the star and strobes.

I think they set up 6 strands per slice and each strand is .2 amps.

They bent rebar and duct taped it to the conduit. So white trash, but that's how all of us Christmas enthusiasts do it. No one will ever see any of it.

Not sure what we'll do with the extra lights on the ground. Might cover them up with a black blanket...still thinking of ideas.

What a fun day yesterday...can't wait for the bucket truck to arrive at my house today at noon for our Palm Tree candles!

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