Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Display at Helping People Succeed

Last year, I wrote about how I visited the Stuart Helping People Succeed. Their Christmas display is phenominal!!! Since they are open until a few days after Christmas, I swung by today to see how they changed up this year's display. Each office/cubicle has a Christmas scene. I saw a candyland, peppermint, polar bears, Santas, tropical, and gold/teal.

From Copeland Christmas Blog
I just might go back tomorrow to take a few more photos. We have had several people stop by the house telling us about this office and how one lady does most of the styrofoam carvings. I must say, the carving work is really nice.
From Copeland Christmas Blog
I don't really know anything about their organization...just what I found on their website. See below for a brief blurb about their efforts.
Helping People Succeed, Inc. is considered a national model for agencies serving individuals who need special training, education, employment and living arrangements.

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