Sunday, December 26, 2010

After Christmas Shopping Part 1

We had a great morning doing our after-Christmas shopping. Today we didn't even wake up until after 8am...which is unusual because we are usually done by 8:15am! Check out our adventures from years gone by here. Today after we got home from our spree, we hit the online deals. Target the onlys store that has excellent items still available online...the only problem is that one set of LED lights is currently still $24.99. We ended up getting a few cute items from below.

We got two lighted tinsel gold bows that I had my eye on all season. They were $12 each (down from $20).

 We also bought 6 sets of 9 ft. 54-Light LED White Bead Garland Light. They were $46 for 6 sets. Not the best deal, but they weren't available in the store, so I'm ok with the purchase.

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Angela said...

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