Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Copeland Christmas Display Ideas

This afternoon I spent some time experimenting with a few display mock-ups in Photoshop. Here is one mockup that I really like, but it's infeasable to execute the way we would want to do it.

John loves leaping arches (along the street). I love them also, but each arch takes 8 channels. For us, that would be about 14 x 8 = 112 channels...which is more than our whole house uses now. We could make every second arch the same, but it would look too cookie cutter. I need to think more about the arches.

Next, the large star is something that Richard Holdman did a few years back. Many people have replicated the star...and it turns out awesome every time, so I think it's a winner.

We still have our candle sticks...which I think is still unique to Copeland Christmas. And we still love them, so they will stay.

The icicles are an idea I had several years ago, but didn't have time to execute. I think they could be feasible for 2011. I would make them from polystyrene, just like I make the village bases and how I made the workbench icicles a few years ago. Here's a little candy shop from this year's display that has cute rounded ice. Perhaps this variation would be better.
2010 Copeland Christmas

Last year, I used a spare piece of styrofoam to see how sturdy the icicles would worked pretty good.

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