Thursday, December 3, 2009

WPTV News Broadcast from Copeland Christmas

We had a few special visitors last night. A great local news crew found Copeland Christmas a few years ago by doing an internet search and they were here taping within a few days. Here's the link to lastnight's broadcast. It was a very fun night!

A quick side note...I'd like to thank many of my friends and family that has helped get the house camera-ready over the last few weeks.
  • Thanks to John for allowing, orchestrating, and executing this huge project
  • Thanks to the Roberts for support, hand-on-help, cool Christmas stuff
  • Thanks to the Copeland's for support, hands-on-help, cool Christmas stuff, and great ideas
  • Thanks to neighbors for hands-on-help, patience, and merry cheer (see below)

Check out this turkey that was brought over lastnight by an awesome neighbor.

I want to thank the following kids for helping with so much of the decorations:

Amanda Stevens Matthew Roberts
Mackenzie Stevens Allie Ridgely
Andrew Ridgely Danielle Dodge

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