Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Light-O-Rama Testing

I really need to work on getting the sequences done. Today, I drilled 17 holes in this piece of wood. The intent was to stick a single C7 light bulb in each hole, then hook up the lights to 17 channels on the LOR controllers. It will help to see the bulbs blink (for real) as opposed to watching the computer animation. When sequencing really fast songs, the animation does not sync perfectly on the screen. So, after I drilled all the holes, I tried screwing the bulbs in to the wood.......and found out that the wood is too thick. It's 3/4 inch pine.

Not having any other wood on hand, I drilled holes into cardboard (look under the wood). I knew the cardboard would be too flimsy.
Having wasted a few hours of prescious time, I went to Home Depot and got a piece of wall panneling for $.41. It had a dinged up corner so it was on clearance. I drilled a new set of 17 holes, popped lights in, hooked it up to LOR, and voila!
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