Saturday, November 3, 2007

Installed a Sub-panel in the Garage today

Okay, so we didn't do it ourselves. We had a legit electrician install it. It's a 120 amp panel. He dropped down three 20 amp circuits for the garage display. He also ran over another three 20amp circuits to the south side of the house for the controllers.

He got to the house at around 10am and left before 3pm. Parts ran $382, labor was extra. When he came out in Oct 2006, we told him we'd hve him back in 2007, so all the work he did last year was done knowing that we'd want to expand. Everything is GFI protected. John, I, and the electrician insisted on this, even though some other Christmas light enthusiasts hate GFIs. It's just not worth it to knowlingly create the slightest possibility of someone getting hurt.

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