Sunday, November 4, 2007

How to grow a mega tree

We installed the in-ground sleve for the telescoping flagpole today. I can't believe it only took 45 minutes!
From Copeland Christmas Blog
The flagpole instructions recommend digging a 12" x 22" hole. Our ended up being 14" x 28". It used exactly three 50 lb bags of sakrete. We used the fast setting, ultra strength bags. John pounded four pieces of rebar into the walls of the hole for added strength before we poured in the quikcrete. We also put 2-3 inches of small rocks in the bottom of the hole as recommended by the flagpole instructions.

The blue top is a cap that you use to cover the sleeve when the pole is not in use. After the sleeve was immersed in quikrete, we tamped the quikrete to get out air bubbles, then we put the pole in the sleeve and kept adjusting it until is was level. It took about 5 minutes to get it perfect. Then, we took out the pole, inserted the blue cap, and it was done. The quikrete will take 24 hours to cure.

We orderd the sunsetter flagpole from ebay. It was $125 + $15. This was a steal! I extensively researched prices all over the country as well as our town and the neighboring towns. By the way, you know how Ford and Mercury are the same car but have different names...well, Sunsetter and Topflight flagpoles are the same also.

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