Monday, September 26, 2011

We put up the first 2011 display item

This is so exciting! We are doing a snowman scene in the dining room.

Here's what I jotted down in my notes the other day...

We could do a snowmen scene, and we could even use one of the 6 ft resin pieces (like we did in the '09 display-see below). Then, the tree could be all red/white/black with carrot nose ornaments. I have a new snowman hat tree topper from January Pier One sales. Photo below. I could make all the snowmen doing shoveling snow. I could use blocks of styrofoam and lots of fake snow. I could get some cute garden shoves and rest them against the wall. Maybe I can find some blocks of ice. A few snowmen can be off to the side getting into a snowball fight. Maybe some other snowmen could be making snowglobes. Or perhaps I could use some Annalee elves to be making the snowglobes. The snowflakes have to hang from the cieling again...just like 2 years ago. Blue mini lights can illuminated through snowblankets to add some depth. A big red/white striped scarf can keep the tree warm...and big stick arms can make the tree almost look like it's alive. Somewhere I'll put a homemade looking wooden sign that says "snowmen at work" or something clever. My new led dripping icicles will have to go somehwere...maybe they'll hang from the curtain rod. This makes me hope I can find the snowmen early I have two scenes that I need to dig out of the storage.

Now I'm thinking all the snowmen will be decorating the large tree. Some will even be repelling from helecopters so they can add the tree topper. Others will be choosing ornaments from boxes and yet others will be helping pass along ornaments in an assebly line fashion. I think there needs to be lots of snow all over.
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