Saturday, September 10, 2011

The 2011 Living Room Pantry Display

I've been thinking about 2011 inside scenes. This year, the brink pantry wall that faces into the living room is going to have a tropical theme. I am thinking flamingos, palm trees, glass ornaments, drift wood, sand, beach grass, star fish, etc.

Here's a photo from today (Sep 10, 2011) of how the area looks. I will obviously remove that big antique ship horn.

Here's some flamingo garland I picked up at Walmart a few months ago on clearance. I think it was left over from their summer tiki aisle.

Close up of the flamingo garland

The plan is to tie in the existing Dan Mackin print with the 2011 scene. I'd like to use lighted garland around the frame just like I always do. However, instead of bows and berries, I'll decorate the garland with all my tropical glass ornaments. See below for how this area has been decorated in the past.

Here's the scene when snowmen were up top and a white glitter village was down below.

This year, we did a gingerbread scene up top and snowmen down below.

This year, we did motionettes up top and a village down below.

This is teh 2006 display, when we did a hodge-podge of characters up top and a village down below.

Here's the tropical village scene up top and snowmen down below.
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